Day …26: Chugging along!

Hello and HAPPY EASTER! Sorry for the long delay, only one mobile phone company has any service for 800 miles / 1,200km, and it’s not the one I had! Problem temporarily (partially) fixed however.

Things are going well, up and down. 777 miles / 1,250km done exactly now, not bad going. On the plus side, the windy and raining weather of the last week has subsided and it’s flat. And straight – I ran down the longest straight road in Australia, all 90 miles / 146.6km of it. That was a mental game! I’m now properly in the middle of nowhere now and it’s STILL not the middle!

Flat and desolate moments

Lots to talk about – more to come in the next few days!



  1. meixichen89 · April 5, 2015

    Keep the stories coming!


  2. Danny · April 7, 2015

    Way to go man. Found you on Strava with top in distance and also 20 runs logged (what the heck? It’s only the 7th… who is this guy?), so I just had to check it out. Your story is awesome. Will be following you until the end! Keep chugging along!!


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