Days 78, 79: Up, down, up, down…

I’m super tired so will keep it short(ish)! Making progress into the foothills of the blue mountains. Almost every stretch of road appears to be built going either vertically up or vertically down (Australian road builders appear to have forgotten the lost concept of ‘around’) which is making it very difficult going. Last night was the highlight of the last 2 days; I had misjudged the time needed to reach the next town so I ran for an hour in the dark. There was a wide shoulder and only a little traffic so it was actually nice. I think it was because it reminded me of winter climbing in the mountains, the icy air and the silence as you make your way through the darkness by head torch and moonlight. Smashing. I arrived in town and found a nice place to stay which was also the pub and had a fire – a wonderful reward! I also slept with an electric blanket for first time, another lovely surprise!

Today has been very very hard. An unusually good nights sleep made the first 40km doable despite the hills, cold, fog and rain, and in the afternoon I arrived in Bathurst. Not super impressed, I must say, maybe I was just grumpy or maybe I’m just not used to bigger towns any more. Or both!

The last bit was a never ending climb for miles, sometimes without a shoulder, as I headed for the tiny town of Yelthorne where a motel and warm bed awaited according to Google maps. I arrived there to find absolutely nothing, so now I am camped at the roadside in the drizzle with re-hydrated milk, old bread and a can of sardines for dinner. But I’m warm in my sleeping bag and happy. Rain is forecast for tomorrow but I’m just going to ignore that for now đŸ˜‰

3 days to go (hopefully!). I will leave you with a photo of some good magazines I saw a few days ago.




  1. David Stockman · May 28, 2015

    It’s too late now James, but I should have taken on the role of accommodation manager!


  2. japazzle · May 28, 2015

    Are you sure you don’t count as a feral?! Better watch out!


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