Day 72: Don’t sleep in front of a truck

Dragged myself out of my tent, shook the spiders off it and was on my way. Another day of reasonable conditions, cold but with only a light breeze and some brief drizzle spells. Combined with the smell of fresh wet earth from the fields I passed it pleasantly reminded me of England on a wet Aprils day. The only things which did anything to dispel that image were there parrots and the fact the fields were growing cotton. I’ve never seen that before. The roadside here for miles in every direction is strewn with what I thought was wool coming off these huge compacted bales which the trucks drive round, but it is cotton – You learn something every day.

Arrived at dusk at the first piece of civilization for 120km / 75 miles, a BP petrol station. No motel though, so much to the bemusement of the woman behind the counter I asked if I could put up a tent outside. “Don’t get run over by the trucks, though.” was her advice. Um, OK. So with the money saved I will donate that to Nepal earthquake relief. Nice to be able to do something good, even from the middle of nowhere.

Now that is a room with a view!



 Only 400 miles to go now!



  1. meixichen89 · May 22, 2015

    Only 400 miles left! Woohoo!


  2. Paul C · May 22, 2015

    Hey James. Strange question, but have you lost weight doing the run? I guess you are packing in the food as much as poss but just wondered what the sort of running you are doing does to you physically.


    • jamesrbrooman · May 22, 2015

      I lost about 5kg in the first 2 weeks but now it is pretty stable, probably put 1 or 2 back on actually. I don’t know how!


  3. Izzi · May 23, 2015

    Hi James
    Looks like thing are going really well for you. Just wondering if your trip brings you via Wagga and if you would like some company for a few km?
    Thanks Izzi


    • jamesrbrooman · May 23, 2015

      Hi! Not quite going through Wagga Wagga, running through Junee and up towards cootamundra today. How does that work?!


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