Days 69 and 70: Darth Vader Appears…

Yesterday I was up early and out on the road, and what a lovely day it was; warm, sunny and no wind. Very nice indeed to be out running, at least for the first 20 miles or so before things started hurting. I ended up camping at a roadside stop which are now infinitely more frequent than they were in Western or South Australia. This was fortunate when my camping stove sprayed gasoline everywhere. I didn’t get it on my tent but eating surrounded by the fumes wasn’t super appetizing. I guess I won’t be eating hot meals for the last 2 weeks of camping.

The run of liquid mishaps continued when I woke up and realized that one of my bottles had leaked over the floor of my tent. It was the bottle you really don’t want to leak; the mountaineers and hardcore campers among you will know what I’m talking about. Ah, the challenges of camping. No harm done though and after a mop up I was eventually on my way. The wind was strong and it was partially cloudy, but otherwise OK until I turned around after 2 hours and looked behind me. Armageddon had arrived. A black roll cloud, the first I’ve ever seen, was coming from behind, and when it passed overhead it was like that scene at the beginning of Star Wars where the battle cruiser spaceship goes across the top of the screen. It reminded me of surfing in big Northern California swells when you get caught and look up at the dark mass about to land on you. It’s pretty scary, in this case for the epic drenching I was about to get.


Amazing cloud coming!


Overtaken by a Star Destroyer

Fortunately this cloud didn’t rain, but the clouds behind it did. I was soaked to the bone but oddly still in good spirits, which were further lifted when the storm front passed and the sun emerged. After a tiring 2 days and 84 miles / 133km I ran at sunset into the town of Hay for a well deserved bed and shower. Success!


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