Days 65 to 68: Calm before the Storm

It has been an improving few days weather-wise, and I’ve had a relaxing day off today. It’s my last one until the finish i think, so making the most of it. The motel people at the excellent Club Motel in balranald have been incredibly nice, and best of all one of the people I’ve got to know from Strava drove to the small town I’m in to say hello, along with his wonderful wife. What great people, it was such a kind gesture – especially as they drove 3 1/2 hours EACH WAY! One of the best things to happen on my trip without a doubt.

So not much to report from the last few days otherwise. A couple of nice sunsets and being woken up by kookaburra calls are about it. I was getting very drained both physically and emotionally, and suffering from bruising on my Achilles/hell; another pair of shoes are almost done (these now have approx 1,100km on them). But the day off to refocus on the final leg was helpful. I’m in New South Wales and the sign says 853km to Sydney. Can I do it in 13 days? We shall find out.


  1. chatburn · May 17, 2015

    Loving watching the run on Strava, James. Absolutely awesome.
    Can I ask – someone may have asked before – how many pairs of shoes have you got through? Are you buying them along the way?!
    Keep going man. Almost there.:-)


    • jamesrbrooman · May 17, 2015

      Actually only 2 1/2 pairs so far, so I brought them with me. Should have really used 4 or 5, but I don’t have room to carry that many!


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  3. James · May 19, 2015

    less than 1000km to go…it’s all down hill from now on!


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