Day 62: Victory to Victoria

Slow start to the day as I had to go food shopping but at 10am I was underway. Felt OK for the first 11 miles and the took a break; it was only when I started again and rounded the next corner that I saw the last gas station on this stretch – and it had a cafe. Rest #2! The chap who worked there was very nice, and even gave me a ‘Where the hell is Yamba?’ sticker for my buggy. Good question!

Shortly after I reached the edge of South Australia and the start of the state of Victoria! Woo! I admit I was quite excited; it felt like I was now getting somewhere. Even the wind dropped and the sun briefly appeared. I even enjoyed it! The feeling ended quickly though as the sun set and the fence was up to the road for 5km more until it was fully dark when I pulled into a lay by. Doing things in a hurry I then over-pressurized my camping stove and created a fireball which started to burn the fuel bottle and melt the control value. Oops! Lucky I put it out with minimal harm done. By the way, that’s why you never cook INSIDE a tent…
Long day tomorrow but I’m feeling more positive. 


  1. Gill · May 12, 2015

    Slow down! How are you in Victoria already?! You’ll be long gone by the time I get to Melbourne in June! You’re an absolute machine – I can’t believe it. Keep going…..


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