Days 59, 60, 61: Running in an English Summer

It’s been a difficult three days, I won’t lie. I think more than anything it’s the weather, the endless grey skies and cold wind threatening rain at any time (and delivering it at regular intervals). I feel so long since I have been warm and dry that I’ve almost forgotten what that is like. The same as being in England during winter! Mix in some fairly barren camping (including in the middle of a town!) and a return to flat near-monotonous scenery and my mental state has dropped pretty low. The running has been draining and I’ve had to struggle to put in strong distances. In any case, I am now taking a deserved (I think) half day and sitting by the fire drinking beer while the washing machine attempts to coerce the grime from EVERY piece of clothing I have with me. Probably terrible for tomorrow’s performance but at this point I just don’t care.

There were a couple of interesting things on the trip; the bakery in Morgan which also sold fresh worms as fishing bait. I also passed ‘The World’s End Highway’ and ran by a water tank which would not be approved by structural engineers. Will post when I get a good connection!

On another plus side I have managed to get a few decent photos during the brief flashes of sunshine. Those moments certainly help, although I do find them hard to appreciate as the wind is chilling me. I’m sure I will be appreciative of them later when I look back. The sheep and the wheat fields do make a nice backdrop; I have to remind myself I’m in Australia and not Nebraska.

Tomorrow I cross into the State of Victoria. South Australia is almost DONE! Google says I have less than 1,200km / 750 miles to go, which is surprising and encouraging. I hope this weather passes and I can get back to enjoying what I am doing again.

Until then!




  1. meixichen89 · May 10, 2015

    Hang in there! You are so close to the finish line!


  2. Ben Capron · May 10, 2015

    Chin up lad. Bondi beach is calling you 🙂


  3. Ryan Hanrahan · May 10, 2015

    Keep up the good work buddy…we are rooting for you dude!


  4. Esmeralda · May 10, 2015

    Keep pushing through crazy running man in surfboard shorts 😎


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