Days 57, 58: Tempest

Long days again, and cold, which just makes it more challenging as I can’t really stop as otherwise I start seizing up. But no matter. It does make it harder though and I have recently found myself listening to motivational songs more as I run. But staying positive is key.

Both days started well and ended with my struggling to find energy; the first night was OK though because I arrived in civilization. The hotel was right out of a Wild West film, with a balcony and everything. Watching darkness approach while having a beer there was a good moment. Soon though I was cold (only have shorts and t-shirts as casual clothes at the moment) so went and had dinner at the bar. At 7pm I was really cold so I went to my room and just got into bed for a few minutes to warm up. At 4am I woke up suddenly, still fully clothed and with the light on. Guess the body said no!

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