Day 55: What it feels like Part 2

Very windy and rainy day. BUT the leg doesn’t hurt much when I run so I’m back in action; hopefully it will finish healing while I go. Fingers crossed. I’ve now reached the bakery in Jamestown – that’s ME!!! :o)

Now I have a bit of time let me answer a few questions I’ve received about the inner workings of my trip.
What equipment did I bring. So for running I brought 4 pairs of shoes, 3 of which are Brooks Pureflow 3. To be honest I didn’t like them all that much before I went but it was too late and risky to change. VERY fortunately they have been great. I have some cushioned insoles in them and I think those have made ALL the difference in the world. They are highly recommended. For socks I am using Hilly monoskins, which I brought 12 pairs to make sure I could get laundry done without reusing pairs (same with underwear!). Again I barely tried them before coming (very bad idea of course) but they have been brilliant, virtually no blisters at all. Best piece of kit I have (and they were very reasonably priced!).
For the rest of my running gear I just used fairly cheap stuff or even non- running stuff. I run in surfing board shorts for example. A lot of that running stuff is hype, although I must say the under armor running t-shirts and saucony long sleeve shirts are very good. The dhb shirts not so much, at least for me. I don’t have a waterproof layer, as you end up sweating and wet under it when it’s raining anyway, but I do have a fleece which keeps the worst off. That’s about it. Other very useful things are a buff and hat for the sun. 
As for the other equipment it’s just normal camping stuff. I have a 2 person tent just because I can put all my stuff in it at night to prevent the locals from borrowing it (or it getting wet), that’s more just a heuristic from my cycling in South America than anything else. Heavy but I am willing to make the trade off for the comfort and security at night. I have a MSR camping stove – just because I happened to have it – and the rest of my stuff is pretty ordinary.
Oh and the buggy is a Thule, it cost a fortune but it’s holding up better than expected so far. Which is good, having it explode half way across the Nullarbor would have been bad!
That’s about it. I’ve never been the guy to shave every last ounce off (like cut the handle off the toothbrush) and then just be totally miserable, plus I also think that ‘OK’ stuff gets you 99% of the way there for most things (like the shorts). It’s only the critical items like the shoes, socks and buggy I really worried about. 
Hope that answers a few questions!


  1. meixichen89 · May 5, 2015

    Jamestown! This is so meant to be 😀


    • jamesrbrooman · May 5, 2015

      Exactly! Wasn’t as quaint and picturesque as i woould have liked but you can’t win them all!


  2. Rowing and Running · May 7, 2015

    Interesting stuff. What I was wondering furthermore is how, what en when you eat during those long long runs? And how do you keep your phone charged with Strava running all the time? Keep up the good work!


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