Day 52: Back to the Real World

A beautiful sunrise over the distant hills; one which I was able to watch from the comfort of my sleeping bag I might add, otherwise I’d never have seen it. Quick breakfast, which is the same every day camping by the way – plain oats with water and a spoonful of Nutella – as I realised the main downside to cold mornings. It is not getting up, it is that the Nutella goes hard and doesn’t melt in the ‘porridge’. See, living the dream aren’t I! Although I’m wondering if it still classes as a ‘first world problem’. Food for thought.


A new day has dawned

Pleasant and strong first 10 miles to the junction of the other major road through the Eyre Peninsular. It was here it got hard as I had been forewarned. The traffic streams had combined and with no paved shoulder it was the definition of stressful and not fun running I can tell you. After a few hours of that though I turned the corner and I had arrived in town in one piece. I still had the dreaded causeway across the estuary to navigate though.
Turned out it had a nice wide pedestrian path – so I cruised to the hotel in style! Right outside it I met a chap who was making his way from Sydney to Perth in every way he could think of, whether running, biking, skateboarding or even kayaking. Legend! Just shows you, there is always someone more inventive… (Others would say ‘crazier’, I disagree). 
So now I am in the first real town for 1,500km, it even has an ice cream shop! Happy! However as I feel good I’m going to forgo my rest day and soldier on, so I’m now drinking and eating enough for 2 days instead as tomorrow I have a mountain range to cross.

As my old boss would say when i finished a presentation “never mind the quality, feel the weight!’



  1. Erwin · May 1, 2015

    Hi James have been keeping close eye on your journey the guys at work think your mad! But hay hoe not far now! Keep going, very proud!


    • jamesrbrooman · May 1, 2015

      Haha we I don’t think I’m mad – but that is what a mad person would say! Thanks for following along!


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