Day 49: Go Big or Go Home

Was a slow start to the day but I was feeling pretty good after a sleep not molested by mice or creepy crawlies. Was underway around 8am when shortly afterwards I was caught by the group of cyclists riding from Perth to Melboune for the START foundation. Lovely people. They gave me some Mars bars (10!) as they were sponsored by Mars, and invited me to dinner that evening in Kimba. Unfortunately I was standing next to the ‘Kimba 79km’ marker. We figured they could come and pick me up in the road etc… but as they rode away I wondered if this was the day and the time to go for it. As it was 8.30am by this point I had to run at 2 mins a mile faster than my normal pace to make it before dark, and further than I have ever gone before. But then I thought about my friends on Everest and what they are going through; perhaps it was an empathy of finding strength in hard times. I would try for them.

The weather was pretty good with no wind and I felt good. I just focused on my breathing and for once just ignored the mile markers. It was long and I barely rested, but as the sun was going down I passed the 5km to go sign. I was going to make it. I even still felt pretty good, I guess it is amazing what you can do with the right motivation. I arrived at the motel to a welcome party, 50.5 miles / 81km done. Victory!

Dinner with the team was fun, I felt like one of the family and inspired at the same time. Good for the soul. The only ‘downside’ was that the first thing I had was beer, so my head was temporarily spinning like crazy after half a pint. Guess I’m a cheap date 🙂



  1. Beppie · April 29, 2015

    Wow, well done


  2. meixichen89 · April 29, 2015

    Absolutely incredible!!!


  3. Sarah · April 29, 2015

    Unbelievable! You are a machine.


  4. Paul C · May 6, 2015

    For fucks sake, you are a monster! The things a man will do when he knows someone may buy him a beer at the end of it! Brilliant.


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