Day 48: Mellow…

It’s been a mellow day. I talked with one of my Everest friends this morning which helped my state of mind no end; amazing how friends can do that. I actually had to slow my pace for the few miles after that as I was cranking! I also met a group of women cycling from Perth to Melbourne which gave me some additional perspective. Nice group!


Spot the odd one out


The other highlight was the first proper bakery I have been in for 1,630km / 1,020 miles (that gives you a sense of how spread out things are here). It was good; the freshly baked whipped cream-filled apricot turnover was in fact a dream. As I wind between the fields I sense that Civilization is slowly but definitely returning to my route.
So a ‘normal’ day and another 59km /  38 miles closer to the beach.

One comment

  1. meixichen89 · April 29, 2015

    Glad you were able to find the peace of mind again! Btw, your shirt looks really bright standing among that group of biker ladies đŸ˜€


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