Days 43 to 46: Onward!

The two days I spent in Ceduna just flew by; I had a lot of catching up to do with the real world and that took a lot of time. The most memorable moment of the two days was actually going into the supermarket, if you can believe it. I have a good video of the excitement I was in when I walked in; I will post it to my Facebook page later. I was just amazed I could buy ALL THESE THINGS! It’s reverse culture shock I think, and a very strange feeling!

It was time to get back on the road, so you can imagine how I felt when the alarm went off at 6am and the first thing I heard was the rain and wind lashing the window. Urgh. I concocted a couple more errands to do but I was postponing the inevitable; luckily by the time I left at 9.30am the rain had temporarily passed but the wind was still very gusty. Luckily though it was partly behind me – what a novelty! The first 20 miles felt really good, a result of my extra rest day, but soon I was tired and feeling like normal. It was a day of wind, occasional rain and endless rainbows including some of the brightest I have ever seen. I even saw the actual end of one – no pot of gold though. 
Eventually I pulled into a little parking rest stop and put up the tent, fortunately before the rain came hammering down again. Sitting in my tent listening to the rain and wind while looking at the mouse running over my tent was not auspicious. I slept terribly due to the wind and the worry of the imminent mouse attack which never came, and so today has been pretty bad. It’s now a headwind again and the rain swept in to drench me every so often; the spray from the road trains kept me cold and wet all day. I was low; perhaps the lowest point on my journey so far. It just wasn’t fun in any way today. Despite a respite at the general store in the tiny town of Wirrulla to warm me a little I ended as down as I began, and as a whole new set of mice are currently investigating my tent. I only hope these don’t eat their way in. Tomorrow is another day, and my fingers are crossed for an improvement. 
Good luck to all those running the London Marathon this Sunday!!


  1. Michelle Williams · April 25, 2015

    James I think you are doing bloody brilliant! Those mice are lucky to share such a tent đŸ™‚


  2. Beppie · April 26, 2015

    It sounds incredibly challenging and you’re doing an amazing job pushing through. I knew someone who rode his bike across and he said the headwinds made it so hard he just wanted to curl up and cry. Should have been heading in the opposite direction. But onwards you go. Im impressed with your tenacity and strength of character. Enjoying reading your updates.


    • jamesrbrooman · April 26, 2015

      I know the curl up and cry thing – might even have done it once or twice! Thanks for the support and kind words


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