Day 39: Highs and Lows

It was raining when I woke up in the dark in my tent; if I had wanted less motivation than yesterday morning then this would be the way! Still, I needed to finish the 47km / 29 miles to the Nundroo Roadhouse by mid afternoon to give myself a chance at reaching Ceduna in 3 days so I had no choice. As it turns out, the first 10km were nice! The rain had stopped to reveal a bit of sun peaking through the clouds and everything smelled of wet forest with a hint of eucalyptus. Good times.

The rest of the day got progressively harder as the headwind picked up and i grew tired. The last 15km were brutal, like pushing the buggy up a never-ending mountain, but I reached the roadhouse just before 3pm. It is situated just as the first fields I have seen for 1,500km began; a welcome variation! The lovely girl that worked there opened the kitchen just for me, a huge chicken schnitzel, salad and chips, plus 2 pints of chocolate milk and 10 chocolate tim tam biscuits helped matters a good deal. I was going to call it a day but I felt better – so back on the road! Despite the continuing 40kmph / 25mph headwind I felt strong to add another 15km to the day, amazing what a good lunch can do. 
The owls hooting as I fell asleep was a nice touch to end the day. A very ‘highs and lows’ day today, one to remember. But I’ve left what I think are hard but achievable targets for the next two days to reach Ceduna and civilization, now 140km / 85 miles away.

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