Day 38: The little things

Lazy start as I didn’t sleep well (again) and was so tired that until the sun hit the tent my motivation was zero. Still, by 8.15am I was running.

Today the hills began with a vengeance. Bring back the flat monotony! It made it tough work, but the air was cool so not too bad. At midday I consulted the food situation. Not great. For breakfast and dinner I had just about enough but my prior day’s undisciplined binge on biscuits has left me low on snacks. But in the usual Australian way, 10 more mins of running and a guy drove past in his truck, and then turned it around to come back and say hello. ‘Hey I thought you might like these apples,’ he said and gave me a couple out of the window. ‘I’ll only have to chuck them at quarantine anyway.’ Nice guy, and problem solved!
Camping last night was similarly fortuitous. My tent was up and my stove was lit when it started to rain. And then then the stove broke. A bit of fixing in the rain and I got it working again just long enough for the pasta to (mostly) cook before it died again. Without it I would have gone hungry. Luckily i don’t need it again until after I reach town in a few days – where I can fix it. Better to be lucky than good, right!
This journey sure makes me remember to appreciate the little things. 


  1. meixichen89 · April 21, 2015

    Little things make the biggest differences đŸ™‚ Good luck James, and keep going!


  2. Santiago C · April 21, 2015

    You, Señor Brooman, are a hero. All my support from Mexico, my friend, I’ll follow your journey through here — keep going!


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