Day 37: Dingo Bingo!

Woke up early and it was raining. Urgh there went my motivation for an early start. I spent plenty of time in bed and getting breakfast and by about 10am I was ready to roll as the rain had somewhat abated.


The scenery continued as before, utterly flat nothingness on all sides to the horizon. After about 15km I looked up and saw something about 100 yards away at the roadside start moving away into the desert. It was a Dingo! I got probably 50 yards away at the closest point, clear enough to see it; I know it was a do go because it looked just like the cuddly toy dingoes on the roadhouse souvenir stands. Despite the overcast sky’s and drizzle I was now a happy man. Even better, a few km further on I saw another one! This was was a whiter color but unmistakable; can you see it in the picture?
Before long I spotted trees, and then as if by magic some rolling hills started and forests began again. I had crossed the heart of the Nullarbor plain an emerged on the other side. Hurray! It was strange to be in this new scenery after flatness for so long, and indeed it felt different to before. The birds were different, even the mix of trees was slightly changed. It was as though the Nullarbor was an impenetrable barrier and NOW I had finally reached South Australia!
The rest of the day was mellow. I met a motorcycle and sidecar coming the other way, and at the camp spot I was treated to a fantastic sunset. The only oddity was laying in my tent an hearing little frogs hop on the roof of my tent. Or at least I think that’s what there were – as this is Australia I wasn’t going to take a proper look, just in case!

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