Days 32 to 35: The edge of the World

I left Eucla at about midday and was soon at border village. There it was, the end of Western Australia! I admit I felt proud at what I had so far achieved as I crossed the line; I’ve run across a State and now another time zone. Only 2/3 of the trip to go…

Although the shoulder disappeared once I entered South Australia, this was more than compensated by the view, as now I could at times see the shining blue line of the Southern Ocean away to my right. It filled me full of optimism and a sense of happiness; perhaps it was the variation in the scenery but I think it was more that feeling we get looking at the edge of the world and the infinite beyond. I was fortunate then to accidentally pull up to camp at the first of three lookouts, a spot perched right atop the cliffs. With my food cooked and everything set up I watch the spectacular sunset and then the Milky Way as I listened to the waves crash on the cliffs below. A sublime treat after so many days of endless desert.

Sunset at Lookout 1

The next few days were a repeat of this; running and endlessly pulling into the gravel to avoid road trains, but with a sublime ending. At the last lookout point, perhaps the most spectacular I was fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people – they even brought me beer as chocolate. Watching the sunset with beer in hand; does it get much better!

Sunrise at Lookout 3

The night was less fun. I was woken several times by a fluttering sound and slight feeling on my sleeping bag and once in my hair. I looked up and saw a big moth was in my tent. ‘No big deal’ I thought and tried to fall asleep again. It was only when I woke up with my alarm and sat up in bed did I see the mouse run out of my food bag. And then another! It turns out I had 3 or 4 of them trapped inside with me after they had chewed a hole in my tent to get in. Urgh. The moth I had seen was a mouse clinging to the tent above my head. I generally don’t mind mice, but being trapped in a tent with them just isn’t fun (to make matters worse, one stowed away and is now in my room, keeping me awake)!

The last day was a toughy; by choosing to sleep in that gorgeous spot I had left myself a big big day; 76km / 46 miles to the roadhouse. I had promised I wouldn’t do that to myself again, but clearly I didn’t learn my lesson. I started in the mists just after dawn and the day was long. For the last 20km though the REAL nullarbor appeared, a land of barren nothing. Arresting but it also meant I could see the roadhouse from 15km away, a demoralizing last stretch. But make it I did!

And now for a day off – it is apparently hammering with rain not only here by for 400km / 250 miles in both directions. Better to be lucky than good!


  1. Michael · April 16, 2015

    Dear James,
    Thank you for sharing this totally cool adventure via your blog. Always waiting for the next update! You are an inspiration. Good Luck further on in Oz! I will think of your achievement next time the going gets tough on a (for me) long run.


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