Days 26, 27 and 28: Fighting for time zones

I left the roadhouse in Caiguna and passed a sign that announced that I had reached the Eastern Western Australia time zone, which until then I didn’t know existed. You know what this means – I have run across an entire TIME ZONE! That really hit me on just how far I have already come, and it makes me feel proud of that achievement. No one can take that away for which I am thankful 🙂

Another day and a half and I arrived in Cocklebiddy. It is a quirky place, exemplified by the sign out front. They actually have budgies and quails. You can add one Kangaroo to the count as well haha!

1,234,568 kangaroos!

Sitting on the porch by the wood burning stove throwing out heat in the darkness and desert cold, beer in hand and chatting to my parents I felt good; amazing how quickly any pain or worry can disappear when you focus on good things. I also got chatting to one of the old timers who worked there and learned some interesting facts. They get fuel once a week, and sell about 20,000 liters a week. Ironically they go through 1/3 or more of that amount running the generator for the complex! They get their fruit and veg from Perth twice a week, but all the cakes and break comes all the way from South Australia. I also learned to not drive at night (the kangaroos actually bend the bull bars on the road trains) and hitting a wombat may well flip your car. We discussed this as we saw a couple drive off in the dark in a tiny little car; he was not impressed. In any case, an interesting chap!

It was two days from Cocklebiddy to where I currently am in Madura. Lots of Kangaroos bouncing around makes it uplifting but the pain is getting too much. I decided to take a rest day after 11 days straight and 333 miles. The road is long and destroying my knees and swollen ankle is not on my to do list. Madura is an odd place (things are getting odder as I get further!) and as I am in the old rooms the floor is tilted about 5 degrees! Love it! 

Long and desolate Madura

Tomorrow I start the big push to Eucla of 200km, hopefully this rest renews my strength!





  1. Paul C · April 8, 2015

    Really enjoying these updates James, you are doing great. Just curious, your posts concentrate on the places you arrive at – which makes sense – but I wondered, how are you finding the number of hours you are spending running when you have no human contact? I guess, in a roundabout way, I am asking ‘are you going mad?’


    • jamesrbrooman · April 8, 2015

      You have a great question! I will address that in a future post; been writing a few on that theme to post when nothing happens for a few days!
      Thanks for following along!


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