Days 24, 25: The long long straight and narrow

From Balladonia it was 20 miles to the start of the longest straight road in Australia, the so-called 90 Mile Straight. See what there did there…. 

91 miles / 146.6km of flat monotony. In parts the trees disappeared and the remoteness of the location hit home. It was strangely not demoralizing though until the final day, and the kindness of strangers once again helped me through. 2 girls even stopped and said they had heard about me 500 miles away in South Australia. I guess I’m a celebrity haha! Even a road train stopped and the driver gave me a couple of bottles of water; now that is a rarity for sure! In any case I have found those guys and girls to be real professionals.

Here we go!

The straight and narrow

I reached the end of the straight and was ultra thankful to see the roadhouse. I arrived in the late morning so I only stopped an hour or two before heading off again. I felt in better spirits although the body is in pain. Now just two days to go to the next stop in the oddly named place of Cocklebiddy.




  1. meixichen89 · April 8, 2015

    Let us know when you get paparazzi 😉


    • jamesrbrooman · April 8, 2015

      I have them! Lots of people are now taking photos of me as they drive by!! Woo I’m famous hehehe


  2. Michael Huber · April 9, 2015

    Man, you deserve all the paparazzi and ice cream you can get! Your journey is amazing. Be strong, do it. I’ll keep you in my mind when I do my poopy little 20, 30milers.


    • jamesrbrooman · April 11, 2015

      I wouldn’t call 20 or 30 miles anything less than heroic! Keep it up! If you were here you would be whooping me on this run!


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