Days 14: It was the best of times…

Hi! Sorry for the hiatus, a combination of no phone reception for days and being super tired!

I headed out from Kalgoorlie after visiting what is know as the ‘Superpit’, a vast open cast goldmine right up against the town. Getting to the edge is a sight, a hole 2 miles across, 1 mile wide and 1/3 mile deep. Even the huge trucks look like toys. Every 7 trucks carries about a golf balls size worth of gold. Crazy! See if you can find them in the photo below.

BIG hole

After getting in the local paper – – and a wonderful breakfast at the Dome cafe courtesy of Libby I headed 37 miles/60km south to Kambalda. It was a fine run, although a bit hilly. On the way I got a message from my friend Matt, who I had met in Perth.

“Hey if you need a place to stay in Kambalda let me know,” he mentioned. Good timing. To cut a long story short, is friend didn’t seem likely to be back that night so I kept into town and found a hotel.

Well it turns out the people in Kambalda are incredible. It was posted on Facebook and by the end of the evening I had a free room at the mining accommodations in town (and Rick at Taps Plumbing reimbursing me!), food, and a place to stay in Norseman. AND people were driving up and down the highway to find me. INCREDIBLE! I can’t thank Gareth, Matt, Alex, Dave, Rick and Sonia enough, truly a great experience!

Dave – Legend!

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