Day 16: Too far

A word of advice – don’t run 76km / 48.1 miles in a day, pushing a buggy over hills. It will hurt. A lot. With a painful knee which I couldn’t bend I limped into Norseman a broken man. I found the mining camp where I had been generously given a free night (I was sad to learn it was a mile out of town!!), and Sonia had a steak dinner waiting for me. Heaven!! I made it.

The best part of that day was the car which pulled over. A couple got out and asked if I wanted a cup of tea or coffee! I said yes so they plugged in the kettle and we had a good chat! The guy was originally from the UK and was a gold propector, so while we waited he showed me the rocks around and what to look for in the Quartz. Awesome. They were super super nice and gave me the shirts off their backs.

Matt and Linda

On the run I had a decision to make – do I take a day and go back to Kalgoorlie to get more spares? I had been in the bike shop there already so it was infuriating!! I didn’t want to, but in the end it was the prudent thing to do. I guess this trip is changing me for the better, prudence is not much of a strength for me usually!

Rest day it is!


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