Day 15: It was the worst of times…

I set off in high spirits the next day, with a LONG 82 mile/132km 2 day stretch ahead. I’d noticed the previous day that my right hand buggy tire was warping. I did a rough patch job, figured it would be OK.

Nope. Less than a mile down the road I had a flat. It was soon fixed, and 100m further down the road I had another! And another! On the 4th attempt it held but it was a slow leak I had to pump every couple of miles. As I had limited spares as everything was holding up well until this point it was a disaster! I eventually made it to a town called Wigie, building numbering exactly 1, where I did the best repair job I could. But I was in no state to tackle the long nullabor now. Damn!

Me along the way

I spends a night camping, dreading the long run tomorrow as today had put me behind schedule. Oh the highs and lows…


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