Day 12, 13: A Glorious Rest!

I set off from Coolgardie for the final 25 miles / 40km stretch to Kalgoorlie and a rest day! It was cool and cloudy in the morning as the wind was blowing up from the south, so I was flying. I did have a brief rest stop whereupon a pickup truck stopped next to me. 2 guys leaned over. “G’day mate!” They said, and we started a good chat. One asked if I knew much about the bush, which I didn’t. So with that he pulled his truck onto the traffic island I was resting on and got out before disappearing into the forest! He returned after a bit holding a small orange stone. “It’s ocre, the aboriginals use it for paint,” and preceded to write over the traffic island! It was bright yellow/orange. He wrote a bible phrase and we had a quite long ‘discussion’ about its meaning. Never thought I’d be discussing Jesus at the roadside with two gold miners!

From there I was soon in Kalgoorlie. Interesting place! My hostel was right opposite Australia’s oldest (and still working) brothel! Tours at 3pm if you fancy! My sister visited kalgoorlie several years ago on the train, from Adelaide to Perth, and one of her fellow passengers took the tour… And never came back! So his luggage went to Perth while he did not! Genius.

Um, tour anyone..?

One of my friends  (more accurately one of my sisters friends) had arranged a present and messages at a old school cafe an the tourist info office in town. So wonderful to be welcomed – thank you Libby!! It made a wonderful start to my rest day. Now I’m off to the gold mine, the largest open cast mine in Australia. Let’s hope I accidentally fall over a large nugget!

A message awaits!

Tomorrow I am back on the road, Norseman and the the dreaded nullabor awaits!

Until then!


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