Days 9, 10, 11: Working the road works

The long journey from Southern Cross is done! Next time I’m going to plan it properly! I’ve arrived in Coolgardie feeling good and with but a drop of water left. Perfect planning? You tell me.

The big adventure of the last few days began yesterday afternoon. It has been HOT here, reaching 38C/100F in the afternoons so running the later sessions has been tough. At 5pm and 32 miles/50km in I was looking for a campsite in a ditch at the side of the road but nothing! The whole road was a huge construction site, like they were building a freeway, and it just kept going. Not wanting to get inadvertently bulldozed the next morning so did I, and when the sun was disappearing behind the horizon I crossed a rise to see the construction workers site ahead, full of diggers and truck and with a few temporary buildings. This had to be it.

I’m teaching mysel on this trip to conquer my fears, and randomly walking into a road construction headquarters was one of them. No longer. A bunch of guys were standing around a truck having a couple of beers so I walked up and asked where I might put my tent so I wasn’t run over in the night.

“Right there, if you want, mate,” came the reply. “Hey, you’re that guy I saw running today?!” And so things went. They offered me use of the showers and kitchen (!) for which I am eternally grateful. Really nice bunch of guys (and one girl!).

Home for a night

The next morning they were up earlier than me and by the time I left at 7am they were all working. A radio call was put out by the safety people that a guy was running through their construction site, so as I was now a celebrity of sorts several stopped to say hi. It was fun! The only downside was that I needed a 3km escort in a truck when the road became dirt and one way only, surrounded by heavy machinery. Fair enough – and my driver Dave was a good chap! On the plus side, the next stretch of road was completed but not yet open, so I became the first public user of that road, ever! That’s a first for me! I also passed a camel farm – super cool road sign!

Beware the… camels?!

I soon made it to Coolgardie, an old mining town which is a bit of a ghost town. It reminds me of the OK Coral! 

4 days of runnin g an this is it!

One night here and tomorrow is Kalgoorlie and then a REST DAY!!

Thanks Folks!

One comment

  1. meixichen89 · March 23, 2015

    Australia sure is a land full of wonders – camel farm! Imagine that!


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