Day 6 & 7: To infinity and beyond!

It has been a tough 2 days, mostly of my own volition. Deciding I needed a real bed for a night I set my heart on reaching the town of Southern Cross in two days, which was fine except it was 85 miles / 130km away. Anyway, off I went!

Both days have been pretty similar – fairly flat with wheat fields and occasional forests along the roadside. The two highlights were waving at a freight train on its way past and getting a toot on the horn (something my 2 yr old nephew would be jealous of) and the stars in the middle of nowhere at night. Truly amazing, the Milky Way just jumps right out, more stars than I could imagine! Makes me feel very small.

I also met a lovely old lady at a rest stop. She was absolutely tiny, with the worn face of someone who has had a long life in the desert. We had a nice conversation and in the end she gave me a little donation despite my protestations. Such a lovely person who could teach a lot to some of the people I’ve had the misfortune to meet over the years! To celebrate I bought an ice cream!!

Celebrating humanity!

So now I am in Southern Cross, from where things get sparse indeed. I can tell, because the local TV channel shows public service commercials to advise you and your kids to wash your hands. Hmmm. There is also a picture in the pub wall here showing the world record truck pull. Love it!


Next stop Coolgardie, 120 miles / 187km away, and then on to Kalgoorlie for a rest day! Wish me luck! 




  1. Ben Capron · March 18, 2015

    Pretty inspiring stuff James. I’m reading this blog on my daily slog (commute) into work. Keep on running!


    • jamesrbrooman · March 18, 2015

      Thanks! I will do my best to regale you with amusing stories and tales of daring!!


  2. Emily · March 18, 2015

    Hey lovely! Just a quick note to say that you’re amazing & doing great. The beginning is always the hardest but you’re already kicking ass!



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