Day 5 – Zombieland

Had a late start – getting tired! – but by 11am I arrived at the town of Kellerberrin. It has the catchphrase ‘life as rich as our landscape’. As I looked out over flat wheat fields forever I had to agree.

It was like being on the set of a zombie movie. It was 11am on Sunday and nothing moved. In 2 hours I saw 5 people, 4 of which were in the supermarket and the other just kept walking up and down the main road. It felt like the town was hiding a terrible secret, just like in the movies! I went outside to eat a snack and was approached by a group of born again Christians (nice people) who basically suggested I repent! Was this place for real?! I ran on quickly before the zombies came.


Spot the … anything

Now camping at the roadside as I nurse my mosquito bites. Tough day as for the first time it really hit me how far I have to go. But I’m happy. 


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