Days 4 & 5: Highs and Lows

Hi folks, another two days of adventure! I left the town of York in the morning and ran out along the goldfield highway which would connect me after 50 miles/80km with the main road once more. I was resting after the second leg when a car pulled up and friendly woman wound down the window. We had a grey chat and at the end she offered for me to stay in the shearing shed at their farm about 10km down the road. I hadn’t figure out how far my next leg needed to be so i tentatively agreed. Setting off as the rain and wind came i realised that 10k was an excellent distance and I was excited to visit. I pushed the buggy up to the farm house and said hello.

I couldn’t have wished for a more hospitable family or nicer experience! Sue showed me to the shearing shed and a huge smile went across my face as I walked in – this REALLY was australia! Brilliant! Wayne and Sue are just wonderful good hearted people. They invited me to the house for dinner an I had a great and memorable evening – I couldn’t have been happier!! 

The shearing shed – Loved it!

I set off after breakfast and a fond goodbye, somewhat full of trepidation. I’d heard of a cyclone (hurricane to us Atlantic dwellers) that was bearing down on the area but at that time it was only cloudy. The first 3 hours were OK and then it arrived. 

OMG. 50mph/80kmph headwinds and constant driving raid for hours and hours is not exactly my idea of fun. It was so strong that the raindrops hitting my eyeballs were physically dislodging my contact lenses. I was just fortunate that the main storm front dissipated before it arrived. Either way it was tough going but after 22 miles (no break as there was no shelter to rest) the skies cleared a little as I arrived in town, wet to the bone but OK. The only injury was the wet fabric rubbing away all of the hair off the insides of my upper legs. But hey, at least now I am more aerodynamic!

Later folks!

Cyclone Olwyn


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