Day 3 – Honey comes with problems

Hi folks! Greetings from York, Western Australia’s oldest inland town. Made I here after camping about 7 miles/12km from town out in the bust at the side of the road. Was uneventful, and being woken by a kookaburra was sweet. 

Yesterday was another hard day. It is quite hilly out here and both up and down hill is very stressful on the legs and knees. Left knee is in pain but I think it is manageable. As the Mercury hit 37C/98F I pulled into a roadside parking area and saw a truck there. Behind the truck were sitting a couple in camping chairs taking a rest. We got chatting and it turned out that Ian and Lorraine were bee keepers!

“Want to try some honey?” Ian asked, and went behind the truck, momentarily reappearing with a small block. It turns out there were hives on the back and he had fetched a piece of honeycomb.

“Here you go,” he said, “just spit out the wax.” I took a bite. Amazing, just the freshest honey ever, sweet and flavorful. “It’s from red eucalyptus trees,” he continued and pointed at some growing nearby. Real Ozzie honey.

After a while they headed off and I stayed to relax. Unfortunately so did some bees, and I think they were frustrated that their home had disappeared. So they took it out on me. Being attacked by a small swarm of kamikaze bees is not my idea of fun. They would charge in and just sting, no messing, even as I was hurriedly packing. Some guy even stopped and gave me some ice for the stings!

It was still worth it for the honey!

Heading off along the goldfield road now, about 50 miles/85km, 2 days, to the next town. Wish me luck!

James (and his well deserved breakfast  as I listen to the locals behind me discussing sheep shearing!)

breakfast in the historic toown of York


  1. Carruthers · March 13, 2015

    Good luck on the Goldfield. That brekkie looks good if a little small for the amount of calories you’ll be burning!


    • jamesrbrooman · March 14, 2015

      Yeah but it was SO good – and the lovely people I met there also have me some of their cakes!!


  2. Ben Brattain · March 14, 2015

    I’m trying to get some of that honey


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