Day 2 -Still Truckin’

Succeas for the first day, as well as some lessons learned. Lessons like ‘hills are brutal’, ‘these wheels DO get punctures’, and ‘going on the freeway in the dark is scary’. Luckily no harm done and I live to try again!

The sessions got harder as time went on, especially the 36C /98F running in the sun. Very dehydrated but otherwise OK. The climb into the hills was tough as well, but I stuck it out and made it to Mundaring at sunset. Tired and happy.

Highlight of the day was probably going stopped in the middle of the day by a middle aged woman driving a SUV. She seemed agitated as she intercepted me. ‘You don’t have a BABY in there do you, it will DIE!’ Guess I shoul have put a sign on the buggy! She was very relieved to see I didn’t, and was a wonderful woman – she even offered for me to stay with her family that night (sadly not on my route so I had to decline). 

This morning I was tired and stuff, but OK. I stayed in a hotel so could have a shower – wonderful – and was back on the road for a pleasant run. So far so good.

Until tomorrow folks!


Miles: 35.9

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