It Begins!

And so it begins! 8.15am at Cottesloe beach, March 11, 2015. I had a wonderful send off from my friends Suki, Eric and Anders, made me really quite emotional! Suki and Eric have been so wonderful during my time here, I don’t really want to leave! I got pretty choked up, super sad to leave mixed with fear and apprehension, like the feeling when you board the plane to go skydiving. Not yet fear, but a tension. A rollercoaster of emotion!

Leave I must though, so to the theme from Rocky (I forgot to upload my chariots of fire!) I set off into the sunshine! The buggy is really heavy, more than I thought, but manageable so I think I will be OK as long as it holds up. I did have to take out my snorkel and mask however; I thought that would be a laugh to wear in the desert but needs must. Oh well!

The run up the river was mellow; Id already run it before so I knew the route to Perth, where I just arrived. The first 10 miles are a success! Now it gets a bit more tricky, so we will see what happens on my route out of the city. So far so good though, fingers crossed!

Stay tuned!

Me and Suki at the start!

Me and Suki at the start!

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