Beaches Beaches Everywhere

Thought I’d share these images now I managed to download my GoPro. Both are from Smiths Beach in WA, well worth the time and effort!



And now down to business. Spent the night in Margaret River, a small little town in the heart of wine country down here. It reminds me of California, with cute little independent shops along the main st mixed with chain stores trying to look like cute little independent shops. It kind of works. Breakfast at the Margaret River Bakery though was epic, they have an ivy covered upstairs balcony deck, and inside is quirky and funky. And the food is fantastic, the muffins are to die for!

From there is was south to Albany. Long drive, but on the way I saw a place called ‘Diamond Tree Lookout’ on a tiny road turning. No idea what it could be looking out over as I was driving through a forest, but I needed a break. It turned out to be a 175ft high fire lookout at the top of a huge tree. Iron rungs hammered into the trunk in a spiral was the ladder, no health and safety here! What the hell I though, and climbed anyway. It got the adrenaline going but the view was worth it! Now I’m relaxing in Albany and having a good old time!

Its a long way up!

Its a long way up!

Hope everyone is doing well!



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