Hello! And welcome! I have joined the modern world and have started this blog (thanks to my friend Jon for getting me over the finishing line on this!). Hopefully this will help folks follow along!

After a 24hr delay on the flight (and a free day in Abu Dhabi as recompense) I finally arrived in Western Australia. I’ve been here for a couple of days now and have found it to be pretty close to paradise, at least for a pasty Englishman of leisure who has spent the winter in the UK. The people have been great, the weather fantastic and the scenery beautiful. What more can you ask for.

I spent a couple of days in Perth and met some good friends who have taken me under their collective wings. Good people! I’ve also been running a couple of times. The second run was organized by a Scottish expat called Eric and involved lots of stair climbs in the sun. Very hard work (Eric is very strong) but I acquitted myself well I think. No other option really – can you imagine if I had given up. The shame!! Beyond that, the other highlight was running by the Swan river only to see dolphins swimming next to me, not 5 yards away. Can you imagine that in the Thames? No, me neither. A wonderful example of this wonderful place.

Today I started a brief road trip to see the sights. The beaches and the clear waters just get better and better. It is a good omen!

Stay tuned folks!

Bunker Bay

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